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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Photo Update II

I am just now getting back onto my computer for the first time in five days.

Man, my internet went down on Saturday, five minutes after I get home from my trip to NYC. After countless hours on the phone with people in a foreign land who couldn't understand my problem, they sent a technician over this afternoon to tell my wife that the problem wasn't my computer or my house, but that a squirrel had gotten in the DSL box on the main road right around the corner from our house.

The little fucker had decided to make a nest in the router and shut down our entire neighborhood. Bastard... Five days without internet access or e-mail has left me restless. I'd say that's grounds for a photo update...

(Preface: I did not get any pictures from my first trip back to New York, but let me tell you that I haven't been that wasted since leaving New York. Quick recap-- I met up with the wonderful people that I used to work with, and it was utterly fantastic to see them. We were joined by my brother, and shortly thereafter, Rob and I went off to have a family dinner with my sister, Beth, on the Upper West Side at "Ouest". I had rabbit for the first time... and I will have to say it was mighty tasty. My wife's brother, "Jorge", met up with the three of us at my favorite East Village dive bar, helped us out with a couple of pitchers of beer, and then proceded to buy us shots. Of tequila. I can't drink tequila. [I had one of those "tequila nights" and since then, I have not been able to stomach the shit.] Upon drinking said tequila, I puked on the curb outside my old bar, came back in and finished my beer. Went home to my brother's place at 3:30 am, woke up at 9:00 and headed back to the big ATL with a hangover that could have, if harnessed for good, prevented the World Wars.)

Now, for the photo update...

Last night, I took my dad, who you all know as "Papa Bear" to a Braves game for his Father's Day present. Papa Bear and I have spent countless nights listening and watching the Braves on TV and radio, but I think this was the first that we had been to together, just us. I specifically chose this game for two reasons:

1) because the Braves were playing the Washington Nationals, who have been leading the NL East for the last couple o' months; and

2) Dad had mentioned to me how he had seen the Washington Senators when he was younger and I thought it would be great for him to have the opportunity to see both Washington teams in person. And hopefully, the Braves would be whoopin' that ass.

Let me just say that it was hotter than BALLZ. We arrived at the stadium, and the temp was clocked in at 96 degrees (just two shy of a shitty boy band--wokka wokka wokka!!!).

I found out the day before that the Braves' marquee pitcher, John Smoltz (left), was going to be pitching against the Nationals' best pitcher, Livan Hernandez. Neither Papa Bear nor I had never seen Smoltz pitch live, and we were excited at the prospect. While things didn't heat up until the 7th, we got a free inning of baseball, and the home team pulled it out in the 10th with a bases-loaded walk.

The best part about the evening was talking with Papa Bear and us predicting move-by-move what Manager Bobby Cox was going to do. When you've been watching the Braves for as long as Dad and I have, you get to know what he's going to do.

The second best thing about the evening was seeing this big ass motherfucking plasma screen in the middle of center field. Holy crap, that thing is almost as tall as the stadium itself. I asked the super-friendly attendant at the top of our row how much that thing cost, and he quoted the figure of $6 million. While a staggering figure to pay for a TV (to say the least), it makes my dream of a wall-mounted 42" plasma for $4,000 sound much more reasonable. I've just got to take my wife to a Braves game and make the sales pitch there.

The morning after a ball game is always tough-- the amount of sweat you lost, the number of $7 beers you drank, etcetera, etcetera... So I was a bit off this morning at work and was looking forward to a quiet evening at home when I remembered my friend, Andy, was taking his final section of the Bar exam today and was planning (for the last month) to go out this evening with the old crew and get shitfaced. I, of course, was morally obligated to attend.

A good sized crowd was in attendance for the festivaties at the Little Five Points hamburger joint/dive bar. Andy isn't much of a drinker, so I was not only there to congratulate him, but was also in attendance as a specator. At 9:45 sharp, Andy proclaimed his shitiness and pronounced he was ready for bed. I did, however, manage to get my wife to take a picture with my buddy Rusty (left), myself (center), and future esquire, Andy before exodus. I'm extremely proud of and happy for him, and am convinced he's going to make one hell of an attorney.

Peace out, mofos. Bed time for Bonzo.

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