Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

iKnow, iSuck

I went the entirety of January without posting. Unacceptable. Forgive me. Please. (It's amazing how much dust collects when you don't keep updating.)

So, besides work (which I'm throroughly enjoying, by the way) keeping me busy, here's a graded run-down of what's been going on:

-Christmas: A+. Good stuff. I got a turkey frier and power tools. Seriously. Oh, and socks. I'm looking forward to using all three in a simultaneous free-for-all experience. It should be interesting to see what sock-stuffed cordless drill tastes like fried in peanut oil-- people say it's better than the traditional "oven-baked" kind.

(Brief aside: I found out that turkey friers are the #1 cause for house fires in the US. Great gift, by the way, for someone who has set HIMSELF on fire. Twice.)

-New Years: B. Hanging out with great people (my sister, my brother and sister-in-law, a couple of my sister-in-law's friends, my good buddy, Thad, and my wife), but points deducted for near fights, drunken waiters, and soliciting my wife for a Playboy golf tournament. Mmmmm Mmmmm Shitty.

-Visit with my brother at Wake Forest: A. Would be an A+ if I only would have stayed a day longer. Watched my first FULL college basketball of the season, played PS2 with my brother, ate WONDERFUL Vietnamese food, saw a great movie, and became hopelessly addicted to Lost.

-Writing: D. I had made some SIGNIFICANT progress on my novel (about a chapter and a half), with the intention of finishing by the end of January. I was completely on track until the data stick I saved it on failed and everything I had written (past the last entry on the blog) was erased. So I've been coming to terms with that and trying to bring myself to re-write the lost chapters. More on this in a second...

-Music: 750 math, 400 Verbal. Making some headway and should have it all recorded soon. Thad has been recording on some tracks and has really helped me out big time in bringing out some of the sound.

Anyway, the target completion for both of is: March 1st. Ideally, I'm going to set up a website and put both up for free distribution, which may happen a while after the finished date. But anyone who wants it (assuming it's done 3/1/06), let me know, and I'll get you a copy. I'm happy with how things are going... if you want to hear rough mixes of Chapters 4 and 5 ("Argos" and "Oddbodkins"), you can check out my spiffy myspace page.

I'm headed to the Bahamas this weekend for a wedding and much needed relaxation/drinking my face off. If I can get a connection down there, I'll blog at y'all from the beach.

-You guys: A + + + + + +.