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Friday, May 27, 2005

Finally Friday

Only one week of work and I'm already psyched for a three-day weekend.

I like the people that I work with, but I'm definitely the youngest person in the group by far. And I'm a little tired of being the "new kid", with all of the introductions and the conversations about New York and what I did before. I'm eagerly awaiting the next hire so I don't have to wear a Visitor name tag anymore.

The house contract negotiations blow. It doesn't help when the person who is selling the house insists on telling you stories like how his pilot friend had a UFO experience while you're trying to figure out if the house sits two feet too close to the property line.

My wife's starting to get a little stir crazy. She is waiting to do any job searching until we've actually moved into a house, so she's sitting around all day with my mom and dad, which I'm sure is hard for her.

So, all-in-all, its extraordinarily stressful right now. But had a couple of beers last night and was in bed by 10:00.

But I woke up this morning feeling magnificent. I slept hard, had terrific dreams (the ones you don't want to wake from, not the usual surrealist "why the hell have my feet turned into pickles?!"), and for the first time in about a week, felt truly rested.

And it's Friday.

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