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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Some bad news... and maybe some good news.

This is going to be a tough one.

I thought all the way home how I'd write this entry.

I hate to break it to you guys (all five of you), but I'm gonna need some time off. From November 1st through November 30th, this blog will become completely dormant.

I hate to do it, because I really enjoy writing here, but I've got another commitment that's gonna take all of my time for the next thirty days or so.

I'm just not going to have the time to write a blog entry here every couple of days. I'm really sorry.

Here's why.

That's right... this mofo is writing a novel.

50,000 words long (at least).

In thirty days (at most).

Remember a couple of months ago how I was talking about the album I was recording and how I wanted to write a "novella" to go along with it? Well, I found out about NaNoWriMo (I guess it's leet speak for National Novel Writing Month) this morning and mulled it over for an hour. And then I thought about how the hell I would do it if I decided that I was going to go through with it.

I came up with a tentative schedule and decided to go for it. I mean, I've got almost all of the songs for the album written, and while they themselves don't really tell the "story" of what's going on, it's about as good of an outline that I'd ever be able to come up with. So, I'm doing it.

I'm writing a novel called "Few and Far Between". It will be 13 chapters long with a prologue and an epilogue, and each chapter will be named after the songs that will appear on the album. And when I'm done with this thing, I'll get back to work on recording and you'll be able to hear the music behind the story (kind of the reverse of VH1, I guess...).

I know what you're thinking... "Pete, you've come up with ideas that you started and never finished. Why should we believe you when you say that you're going to have a finished novel, 50,000 words long, in a month?"

Why, you ask? Because I need your help. I'm going to write my novel here. You guys get to read the first draft, as it happens, day-by-day. I'm going to leave the comments open, so that when the story starts to suck or you have a suggestion, you can let me know.

But all I ask is for you guys to let me know what you think. Whether it's "you used 'their' instead of they're, dumbass" or it's "this is moving to slow" or it's "I read it", let me know.

'Cause I'm going to need some advice, a little feedback, and a lot of encouragement to get through this bad boy. And once I'm done with the novel, I'll finish the album (target date of 1/31/2006 for a rough draft), and you'll get both of them from me, completely pro bono. And you'll get shoutouts in the liner-notes of the CD booklet. And maybe some other cool stuff too...

But please be aware that this is going to be a first cut, very rough draft that will be full of typos and plot holes and will not be the best story you've ever read. But it'll be one hell of a serial that you'll be viewing real time.

So, who's with me?

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Godspeed!!! I'm in!

i'm with ya, bro

You guys rock.

Do I get to play on more songs?


Thad, you know you get to play on more songs.

And check, thanks for stoppin' by. Hopefully the story will float your boat. And when the album's done, I hope you enjoy the music too.

Go Pete!!!

You know I'm in, and I will try to keep the jealousy in check while I'm still stuck on chapter 5 of my stalled-out work in progress...

I'm in as long as you add some likeness of me on the album cover.

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