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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Battle of the Five-Day Hangover

Good googly-moogly. I think my liver's broken. And I think I'm down to my last baker's dozen of braincells.

So, I went to Sewanee last weekend for homecoming and spent the last four days killing a hangover. I am just now back to feeling okay. (Not that I was really feeling "bad" per se-- no nausea, or headaches-- but I just didn't feel that it was really safe to rejoin society. You know, forming sentences, handling heavy machinery, carrying sharp objects... those types of things.) It used to be that I could bounce back from a night of drinking no problem... sure, I may feel like shit the next day (especially if I went a bit overboard), but this feeling never lasted one, MAYBE TWO, days max. But this time, I couldn't keep focused, I was in bed every night this week before 9:00, I was drinking coffee like I was Brazilian, and I haven't touched beer or a cigarette since Sunday.

Well, that is until tonight. But it was just a Heineken. And a Marlboro Ultra Light.

The journey I have dubbed "Project Emergency Detox" has made things a little less exciting than usual. In turn, I have very little to report. [But, in case you're wondering, I did try that Chaser stuff, so expect a thorough review on DTSRW?! in the next couple of days. I've written most of it, but I've got to go through a couple more "tests" in the interest of science.]

Have much great weekending, people.

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