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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The 2005 "Don't Stop Believin's"

(For those of you who are interested, I've updated "Few and Far Between" as of this evening).

I've decided to do some "Don't Stop Believin'" awards for 2005.

You're going to get attacked by these lists over the next couple of weeks (if you haven't been already), so I thought I'd give out awards that matter.

2005's "I Don't Know What It Means But That's Effin' Hysterical!" Award
Over at Fark.com, they've got these forums next to the articles they post. When I see a ridiculous topic, I'll jump over and read some of the comments for a laugh. And there are some really smart, creative individuals on the site, but sometimes I'm just at a loss for words.

A couple of months ago, the "O Rly?" owl showed up. I'm not sure where it came from or why they used owls but... oh well, here's the owl.

I assume it means, "Oh, really?" in 1337 (leet) speak, and why they used an owl, I just dunno. I... I just... I dunno. But it got a giggle out of me. It still does. I mean, who knew that owls looked that ridiculous, right?

But it got worse.

I don't know how, but the "O Rly" owl merged into something even more surreal. The most hysterical non-sequitor that I've seen in years.

I can't give you guys warning enough to brace yourselves, but here ya go. The 2005 "I Don't Know What It Means But That's Effin' Hysterical!" award goes to...

The "Buttsecks?" owl. I don't get it, but every time I see it, I'm laughing. From the look of the owl's face to the spelling of the word "buttsecks", I'm laughing my ass off (pardon the pun) from the moment I see it. In fact, it's on my desktop right now. No joke.

Congratulations, "buttsecks owl".


2005's "What the Fuck's That Smell?" Award

Probably the best story I've heard this year is when New York started smelling like pancakes. Only in a town like New York, a town that has a smell reminiscent of a decaying corpse, would the smell of hotcakes and maple syrup overtaking the city make news.

I thought it might have been some rogue, disallusioned pancake maker unleashing his vengance upon evil-doers across the isle of Manhattan. Some people thought it was a widespread case of MSUD, which would explain the disappearance of the regular "asparagus urine" smell New York usually touts. And of course, there were other theories

(via the brilliant minds over at Fark.com's maple syrup news forum).

Congratulations, Maple Syrup smell.

--To be continued--

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Save the owls. Collect the whole set.


Oh GOD. The Buttsecks owl is my favorite, and you described exactly how I feel with the whole O RLY owl meme.

I'm so sad the owl passed away today. R.I.P., fella. Thank you for the laughs.

ORLY came from http://4chan.org

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