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Friday, September 09, 2005

Photo Update 4: The WTF Update

Sorry, guys... this is going to be a quick one. Gotta get to work pretty early this morning.

WTF made me so hungover for the entire weekend? Oh yeah, Tuppers' Hop Pocket and a ton of Marlboro Lights. Uggghhhh.... Good beer though. I originally purchased Tuppers' Hop Pocket on a whim, in the chance that it would taste somewhat like frozen Hot Pockets. But alas, no. But it was my-tee tas-tee!

Unfortunately, it also caused me to pick a second string running back (Tatum Bell) for my third pick in the "big money" fantasy football league draft. WTF? Worst pick ever.

WTF are these equals stickers for? I've been seeing them EVERYWHERE in Atlanta. I keep thinking that if I rub the sticker, I'll find out whether the car is an autobot or a decepticon? Is it some secret society like the Masons? What does it take to join (not that I want to, per se... just want to know what the requirements are for putting a yellow equals sign on the back of your car)?

WTF is this?! This was the infamous "Tupper Hop Pocket Night" at the Thompson House, and I was playing music with my buddy Thad. I plugged in my camera tonight, and I found a bunch of photos that I didn't take. I guess K came in and took them while we were working on stuff. But anyway, these are the founding members of the group tentitavely called "Project Thompson".

WTF?! I'm clicking during the game last night and I come across this on MTV. You know, that show...

And I'm trying to figure out what DirecTV is calling it under the description...

"No, DirecTV... just... no. Step away from the channel guide and put your hands behind your head."

I may be an adult, but I still get weirded out when "grown-ups" try to be cool.

Have a good weekend guys.

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