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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Atlanta's "Bridge and Tunnel": OTP

While all this terrifying stuff is going on, I thought I'd take a break from my prayers for the people of the Southeast and all of those affected by the storm to discuss something far more trivial... but before I start, I can't even tell you how much my heart aches for those people on the Gulf Coast. I just pray that help will come swiftly.

Now, to my trivial diatribe...

Growing up in Sandy Springs, I never considered it lesser in comparison to other parts of the city. In fact, I thought of it as nicer than most parts of the city. It had a great school district, nice homes, and while outside the city, still retaining some semblance of culture. We definitely didn't live out in the "boonies" or the countryside (not that there's anything with living in the country, mind you-- I love the wide open spaces)... but we lived in what I thought was a well-respected area of Atlanta.

Granted, things change. But my town really didn't. Aside from the fact that it has become Georgia's newest city (and will be the seventh largest when it becomes official), and the recent influx of turtles (and, well, bats), there hasn't been much of a change. Sure, there are some new stores and some new houses, but nothing that you wouldn't expect from an "upscale" suburb close to the city of Atlanta...

So, I come to find out that there's a huge distinction between two types of people in Atlanta: OTP people and ITP people. Being OTP (Outside the Perimeter) and not ITP (Inside the Perimeter) has become a definite social faux pas in the city of Atlanta.

In New York City, they have the same type of delineation-- New Yorker or "Bridge and Tunnel". I lived on both sides of the NYer and the B&Ters and thought the labeling of those people who lived outside the Isle of Manhattan as lesser was extremely unfair. But honestly, I resigned myself to the fact it really didn't matter which side of the fence I was on-- everything was way too expensive either way.

I've found that this whole OTP vs. ITP has really pissed me off because it makes me feel that some ITPers believe that living outside the perimeter is for lesser people. And there are parts of Sandy Springs that are technically ITP but are still considered OTP because it's not Buckhead or Decatur or something. And in the end, the whole mess is truly bullshit.

I agree with this guy somewhat. I live a great life OTP and consider myself better off considering I don't have to cram myself three feet from my neighbors house with less than an 1/8th of an acre lot.

But instead of branding myself OTP or ITP, I consider myself one of the IDGAF people.

To those people who take pride in being ITP and think less of people living OTP-- GFY.

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Yo Pete, here's my take on the whole ITP/OTP thing. One: I've never heard a native Atlantan make a big deal about it. Those of us who were born and grew up here know the neighborhoods and therefore know what's really up. Two: The recent transplants who do make a big deal out of it have no fucking clue what they're talking about. If they don't know what Copeland Road is, if they only know it as Northwood Drive, then why should we give a good damn what they say about OTP, or for that matter anything else?

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