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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Photo Update 3: DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK!!!

So, yeah, I guess I've taken a blogger vacation... sorry about that. Next time I'll give you guys a heads up. But I needed some time away from the blog. Lotsa stuff been going on.

K and I went up to NYC for the weekend and stayed with our friend "The Bean" out in Astoria, Queens. Got there Friday night, and as soon as we get out of the cab, we have drinks in hand. We went to the neighborhood bar, Doyles, where I used to play music on a semi-regular basis. I ended up playing a quick 3-song set while there-- a guy was playing acoustic guitar and the bartender at the bar asked him if it was okay for me to play a couple of songs since I was in town for the night. Played a couple of quick ones, and went to meet up with my boy, Brad for his birthday.
Brad (the one with the "Blue Steel" look-- third from the left) is about the only person I know who is more intense about fantasy sports than I am. I think it's all my fault too... I was the one who introduced him to fantasy football. It's all been downhill from there. He's wearing a shirt that says, "I'm not dead yet". Best birthday shirt I can ever remember seeing. We had a killer time... while I was smoking outside, a couple of girls ridiculously tight dresses came up to ask me where some club I've never heard of was. I told them I didn't know. One of them says to the other, "Leave him alone, he doesn't want to have sex with you!!!" I laughed, said "Sorry I couldn't help you-- Happy Whoring!!!" and went back inside.

Saturday night: the real purpose of the trip. To see my buddy, Pete Wagner, who I've known since I was about 3, get married. It was really cool-- it was on the top of a building in Soho. Pete and his fiancee (now wife) are really sweet people, and I can't even describe how awesome they are together. It was really cool seeing them get married...

Pete's dad, The Doc, played an original song for them called "Don't Look Back". This dog's got chops, folks.

When talking to him later, he told me that he wrote the song about 30 years ago and played it at his sister's wedding. I thought that was really amazing.

The wedding was just a lot of fun... The DJ was playing some KICK-ASS hip-hop (a little out of character) and I danced harder than I have in a while. A lot of people from Hammertime's bachelor party in Vegas were there, and we did about as much damage to our lungs and livers at the wedding as we did in Vegas. God bless... I can't do this every weekend...

K and I were flying out of Newark at noon, and since we were flying standby, we needed to get there extra early. We wake up at 7:00 with MASSIVE hangovers and got out there in plenty of time. Except we got bumped from FOUR FLIGHTS. Not for nothing, New Jersey, but Newark Airport could use something... like more bathrooms in the terminal or slots like Vegas...

When K and I finally get home, we're relaxing and I decide that I'm gonna take a shower and wash New Jersey right out of my hair (again, no offense--seven hours in an airport will make you a bit bitter)... While I'm in the shower, I keep hearing this knocking sound... I'm looking around like, "What the hell?" And I look towards the window and see this black cpot in the window between the storm window and the glass...
AND IT'S A FREAKING BAT IN MY WINDOW! OM-FUCKING-G! I try knocking on the window and it doesn't move. I hope that it isn't dead and that I don't get rabies... It's gone and come back for the last couple of days. And now, K's kind of taken to it now... she's named it "Booger" (see, I'm not the only one that assigns names to animals and insects).

Anyway, I saw it fly in this morning from outside, so now I know how it got into the window. And tomorrow, it'll be out of here like Elian. Peace out, Booger!

So, aside from fighting off rabies-carrying flying mammals, I've been working on music... I'm making some really good progress, with 6 songs out of 14 already recorded, another 6 written, and two more I have to polish off lyrically.

I've had an entire album planned in my head for about a year now, and I'm JUST NOW getting to record some of the songs. I'm trying something a bit new-- not only will there be an album, but I'm writing an accompying novel (really a novella, but I don't like the way that sounds) to go along with it. I tend to make a lot of my lyrics a bit vague (sometimes intentionally, a lot of times unintentionally), but for this, I wanted to drive the point home. But we'll see how it all works out. While I'm hammering out the ideas I've found that I've got to scrap a couple of songs and write some new ones, but it adds to the strength of the overall theme and should make for a better album.

But I think that this is a unique concept-- not really a concept album, but more of a dual-work. And I guess if they ever make a movie out of the novella, there will already be an existing soundtrack...

Anyway, the first track of the album is named "On The Night In Question"... One of the lyrically complex songs I've written in a while. A sad, sad little tune. But as soon as I'm done with recording, I'll make sure you guys get a chance to listen.

And I'm spent... Have a great weekend folks.

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