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Sunday, May 15, 2005

This Morning's Laundry (A Story in Haiku)

This morning, laundered
what seemed like all of my clothes.
It took forever.

My clothes still smell like
I had been working in front
Of a barbeque.

As I was waiting
For my clothes to dry, someone
Had started yelling.

A woman entered
Asking who would take her clothes
Out of the dryer.

She yelled at the girl
Who works at the laundry joint,
"Fuck you, spanish bitch!

"Ugly little bitch!"
She continued. I stood there
Watching this unfold.

The little woman
Said her laundry had been there
Since seven o'clock.

As it was crowded
People were waiting to use
Any free machine.

"Fuck that bullshit, bitch!"
The aggitated woman
Told the spanish girl.

She tore out of there
Screaming several choice words,
Her laundry cold and creased.

I thought there would be
Fisticuffs or gunfire.
This bitch was crazy.

Just another sign
That maybe the decision
To move was correct.

I don't know if I
Will see a laundromat
In the ATL.

Personal safety--
Just another benefit
Of in-home laundry.

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